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Day Ticket Rules

You must purchase your day ticket at the tackle shop before commencing fishing. 

Landing Nets and mats must be dry at start of fishing, please take to the tackle shop when purchasing your ticket.

No sharing of rods only the person who purchased the ticket is allowed to fish otherwise you will be asked to leave the fishery and no money refunded.

When purchasing your ticket please let us know if you have a guest accompanying you.

For visiting fisher persons, Juniors under 16 to be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

No keep nets except in pre-booked matches 

All anglers to use suitable landing net and unhooking mat 

Only barbless hooks, max size 10 

No braid

No Tiger nuts, peanuts, bloodworm, joker, bread or boilies. No floating baits. ALL forms of catmeat etc is prohibited. Luncheon meat is restricted to a maximum of 400g per angler. 

1 kilo ground bait limit 

All feeders and leads must be free running 

Tackle must not be left unattended at the swim 

No hand lines or “Shock Stikk” type set ups 

All fish must be returned to the water after capture. FISH MUST NOT BE KILLED OR TAKEN AWAY FROM THE FISHERY 

Swims must be kept tidy at all times. 

All litter and unused bait must be removed from the premises 

No noise nuisance, radios, phones etc 

No unsociable or disruptive behaviour 

All Vehicles to be parked in the car park areas only 

No fires or barbeques 

No Night Fishing

No dogs 

Coleman’s Fishery accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury, loss or damage to any property howsoever caused 

No juniors under the age of 16 are permitted to fish without adult supervision. 

The rules and fees are subject to change without notice. 

Any person not abiding by the rules will be asked to leave and banned from the fishery


On Match days breakfasts are served from 7am…….Match organisers can you please ensure name taking, money collecting and draws etc all take place outside ..NOT in the actual Cafe as it impedes the serving of the breakfasts, 6 hours maximum match.

Please remove and take home all litter from peg areas including disregarded line. Unused bait MUST NOT be thrown into the lakes (either leave it in the grey box’s on the bank or take it home) No rubbish should be placed in the boxes on the bank these are for unused bait only.

Anglers must not fish beyond halfway to the next angler.

No unsocial or disruptive behaviour.

No cutting vegetation in the peg areas. Strap or tie back only.

If foul hooking fish on purpose i.e. close to the bank. The angler will be disqualified.

Any anglers found to be disregarding the rules will be disqualified

The rules and fees are subject to change without notice.

All vehicles and equipment are left at their owners risk.

We the owners reserve the right to refuse entry or ask an angler to leave due to any violation of the land, lakes or rules.

We also reserve the right to change a venue at short notice due to any unforeseen circumstances.

We also reserve the right to make random checks on angler’s kit and baits prior to the matches.



No Luncheon Meat or any meat additives.

No Boilies

No artificial baits or lures

No bloodworm or jokers

No nuts and seed baits…except for sweet corn and hemp

No surface baits

No cat or dog meat

No Liquid or Meat Bait additives


1kilo ground bait limit

5 tins of Sweet Corn (maximum net weight 340g per tin)

8 pints of partical baits (Maggots, Caster, Hemp Pellet etc)


Bait and tackle that is visible on an anglers peg will be deemed as in use. 

Manufactured BARBLESS hooks only – Maximum size 10.

No hand lining unless in extreme circumstances i.e broken top section.

No floating pole or surface fishing.

No braid

No loop, paternoster or fixed rigs. All leads and feeders must be free running up the line.

No bubble floats.

No floating pole method (there should be at least 6” of line between pole tip and top of the float and at least 12”of line between bottom of float and hook.

(Excluding when fishing within one metre of bank-side vegetation)

No Dobbing whilst standing


All keepnets and landing nets are provided by colemans fisheries

Large Carp must be placed in one net. Crucian Carp, Tench and Carp under 12oz to go in with the silver fish.

Minimum of 3 nets..2 carp and 1 silver

Any large Carp added to the silver fish net will disqualify that net.

A maximum of 60lb weight limit, should you go over 60lb you will lose the amount over the 60lb however if over 75lb in weight that net will be disqualified.

Movement of any fish between nets is not permitted at any time on any lake.

DO NOT put rocks or stones in keep nets.


Unhooking mats MUST BE USED and Colemans weigh in buckets

Do Not tumble fish down the keep net it can remove scales and the protective mucus from the fish leaving the fish more susceptible to parasites and infection.

When returning fish to the water or to be weighed do collapse the keep net and pull the 2nd/3rd ring from the bottom through to the top of the keep net and tip the fish gently in the weigh bag or back into the water.

Place the fish back into the water from the weigh bag i.e place the bag on the surface of water and slide fish gently back into the water. Any club seen throwing fish back into the water from a height will LOSE that match and future bookings.


Anglers caught breaking the rules (except the weight limit which is dealt with above) will be issued with a one month ban with immediate effect.

That club will then be issued with a warning (which will be indefinite). If any anglers are caught breaking rules on that club‘s future matches, at our venue, that clubs next match will be cancelled.

If after this action there is a further rule breaking we will not hesitate to cancel all of that clubs match bookings and that club will not be welcome to match fish on our lake.

Anglers and clubs are allowed to appeal in writing, which will be reviewed by the owners. Upon appeal their decision will be final.


If you have any uncertainty on our rules please check at the tackle shop with Paul or ask Ross on site.


Tel : 01376 516383 


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